🧭 Mission

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is the world’s first and biggest web3 gaming guild where players can enrich themselves as they find their community, discover games and level up together. As a decentralized network of gaming guilds focused on blockchain games and web3 education, YGG is committed to providing opportunities for its members to achieve success in the open Metaverse. The guild empowers its community to build their Metaverse résumé through initiatives such as Web3 Metaversity, and the achievement-driven community token distribution protocol, Guild Advancement Program (GAP). YGG is also focused on supporting the burgeoning competitive web3 esports scene and has its own team of elite esports players, called YGG Elite, who have been competing and winning in various web3 game tournaments across the world.

From its roots with YGG Pilipinas in the Philippines, where the guild was established, to its global network of regional guild partners, and partnerships with over 80 blockchain games and infrastructure projects to develop the web3 ecosystem, YGG caters to an ever-expanding community of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Notable investors in YGG include Delphi Digital, BlockTower, Scalar Capital, Youbi Capital, Ascentive Assets, gumi Cryptos, Animoca Brands, Dialectic, SevenX Ventures, Sparq Ventures, Matic (Polygon), Sfermion, Bitscale Capital, Flamingo DAO, Free Company, BITKRAFT, A.Capital Ventures, Atelier Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Greenfield One, IDEO CoLab, Mechanism Capital, ParaFi Capital and Third Prime Capital, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), Kingsway Capital, and Emfarsis.


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Special thanks to our community contributors - Build Pinoy#3753, Vanguardian007#7140. If you are interested in contributing, please let us know by joining our **YGG Discord #gap channels.**